Cifrahoot App

About & Portfolio > Cifrahoot Course Mobile Application Development (Tecnológico de Monterrey) Category UI/UX, Software, Branding, School Project Date May 2019 Collaborators Daniel Tijerina (Game Mechanics, Back-end software development) Mariana Peña (Game Mechanics, Back-end software development) Antonio Tarín (UI/UX Design, Front-end software development) About this project Cifrahoot is a learning game that we designed and […]

The Art of Chop (VR)

About & Portfolio > The Art of Chop Course Virtual Environments (Tecnológico de Monterrey) Category School Project, UI/UX, Software, 3D, VR/AR Date May 2019 Collaborators Elisa Guzman (3D Modelling, Environment) Carlos Quintanilla (Environment, Documentation) Antonio Tarín (Software Development, Branding) About this project The Art of Chop is a VR videogame for Oculus Rift that we […]


About & Portfolio > enlightMe Client Tecnológico de Monterrey Category UI/UX Branding School Projects Date November 2016 About this project enlightMe was the name of an app concept for the final project of my Civic Responsibility class (Ciudadanía). The app tackled the problem of finding academic counseling through an internal support group called MAEs (Mentores […]

HackMTY 2016 (Spring)

About & Portfolio > HackMTY 2016 (Spring) Client ACM MTY Tecnológico de Monterrey Category Branding Web Design School Projects Date February 2016 HackMTY 2016 (Spring) was the second iteration of HackMTY. This year brought a shift of personality, while maintaining the familiarity of the already-positioned branding. New, vivid, and colorful promotional materials helped us increase […]

Sonar App

About & Portfolio > Sonar App Course Interaction Design Course (Tec de Monterrey) Category UI/UX, Branding Date November 2015 About this project This was a final project for my Interaction Design class of 2015, at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey. We designed and prototyped an accessibility app to help visually impaired students and visitors find […]