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School Projects


November 2016

About this project

enlightMe was the name of an app concept for the final project of my Civic Responsibility class (Ciudadanía).

The app tackled the problem of finding academic counseling through an internal support group called MAEs (Mentores académicos de excelencia).

The purpose of this app was to be a service where students could find tutoring inside or around campus, since a common complaint from students was that the current platform (http://asesoriasmaes.mty.itesm.mx/) had lots of problems and lacked schedule flexibility, a very important feature for students.

We further developed upon the idea and alongside tutoring offerings from MAEs we integrated a space where independent professors or students could provide and sell their counseling services.

I designed the UI and the interaction mechanics using Adobe Illustrator and presented a interactive prototype using the Marvel App.

You can interact with the prototype through the Marvel App.

This app concept has since evolved into an upcoming project 😉