Tótem Computer

About & Portfolio > Tótem Computer Project Tótem Computer, Inc. Category UI/UX Design, Web Design, E-Commerce Date September, 2020 About this project Tótem Computer emerges as a groundbreaking solution in cloud-based technology, reinventing how individuals access powerful computer resources. Bridging the chasm between demanding software and hardware limitations, our goal was democratizing access to top-tier […]

MCS Networks

About & Portfolio > MCS Networks Client MCS Network Solutions Category Web Design Date October 2020 About this project MCS is a consulting company for corporate solutions in networking, telecommunications, and connectivity services in Mexico. I did the design and development of this responsive website, effectively following the MCS brand identity guidelines.

Hablemos Arte (v1)

About & Portfolio > Hablemos Arte Client Hablemos Arte Category Web Design, E-commerce Date April 2020 About this project Hablemos Arte is an online learning platform for courses and workshops on culture, artistic movements, and art history. I designed and made a responsive website that had the functionality to manage registrations and charge members for […]

Pavone Uomo

About & Portfolio > Pavone Uomo Client Pavone Uomo Category Web Design, E-commerce Date August 2020 About this project Pavone Uomo is a menswear fashion brand and store in Monterrey, MX. I designed and deployed a Shopify online store to use as their main sales channel. In addition to the catalog and sales functionality, the […]

Lic. Rafael Barbosa

About & Portfolio > Lic. Rafael Barbosa Client Lic. Rafael Barbosa Category Web Design Date January 2020 About this project “rafaelbarbosa.mx” is a responsive one-page website for the online presence of Mr. Rafael Barbosa’ curriculum, a private attorney in the city of Monterrey.


About & Portfolio > Vitadmin Course Web Development Lab Category UI/UX, School Projects Date October 2019 About this project Vitadmin is a web application that allows restaurants to control ingredients, products, and orders in real-time. I designed a user interface using Adobe Illustrator, made an interaction model with MarvelApp, alongside the platform’s front-end development (HTML/CSS) […]


About & Portfolio > WeHubble Client WeHubble Category Web Design, UI/UX Date July 2019 About this project WeHubble is a business services company that assists businesses in attracting and managing human resources, as well as financial administration.

Tarín Contreras Comunicación

About & Portfolio > Tarín Contreras Comunicación Client Tarín Contreras Comunicación Category Web Design, UI/UX Date May 2019 About this project Tarín Contreras Comunicación is one of the most experienced and reputable communication consultancy groups and media agencies in northern Mexico. Its 30+ year trajectory has had the trust of more than 300 clients worldwide. […]

Cifrahoot App

About & Portfolio > Cifrahoot Course Mobile Application Development (Tecnológico de Monterrey) Category UI/UX, Software, Branding, School Project Date May 2019 Collaborators Daniel Tijerina (Game Mechanics, Back-end software development) Mariana Peña (Game Mechanics, Back-end software development) Antonio Tarín (UI/UX Design, Front-end software development) About this project Cifrahoot is a learning game that we designed and […]

The Art of Chop (VR)

About & Portfolio > The Art of Chop Course Virtual Environments (Tecnológico de Monterrey) Category School Project, UI/UX, Software, 3D, VR/AR Date May 2019 Collaborators Elisa Guzman (3D Modelling, Environment) Carlos Quintanilla (Environment, Documentation) Antonio Tarín (Software Development, Branding) About this project The Art of Chop is a VR videogame for Oculus Rift that we […]