The Art of Chop (VR)

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Virtual Environments (Tecnológico de Monterrey)


School Project, UI/UX, Software, 3D, VR/AR


May 2019


  • Elisa Guzman (3D Modelling, Environment)
  • Carlos Quintanilla (Environment, Documentation)
  • Antonio Tarín (Software Development, Branding)

About this project

The Art of Chop is a VR videogame for Oculus Rift that we designed and made as a team for our final project of the Virtual Environments course at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

In this game, players immerse themselves into a training dojo and use the Oculus Rift controls to maneuver a pair of katanas to cut wooden blocks of different sizes and shapes thrown towards the player.

Our videogame took inspiration from "Fruit Ninja," a game where players use their fingers to chop fruits that jump towards the player and thus accumulate points.

I designed the logo on Adobe Illustrator, built the user interface, and developed the overall game mechanics using Unity and the Oculus API and libraries. Some essential components I worked on:

  • WoodSpawner.cs: A script that spawns objects and throws random wood pieces towards the player.
  • WoodObject.cs: The wood piece object script. It destroys the object when it reaches a certain height (if the player fails to slice it).
  • SwordCutter.cs: A script loaded into each of the katanas that detect collisions and slices a wood piece by creating new 3D objects and destroying the original wood object.

My other colleagues were responsible for integrating a soundtrack, designing the scene, and the general environment for the game, "The Art of Chop" takes place in a dōjō (道場), a training room for martial arts common in Japanese culture.