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Tótem Computer, Inc.


UI/UX Design, Web Design, E-Commerce


September, 2020

About this project

Tótem Computer emerges as a groundbreaking solution in cloud-based technology, reinventing how individuals access powerful computer resources.

Bridging the chasm between demanding software and hardware limitations, our goal was democratizing access to top-tier computational capabilities. We aimed to make high-performance computing an accessible tool for many, regardless of their geographical location or financial capacities.

We developed a Cloud PC marketplace, centralizing cloud PC providers from around the globe. This allows users to compare, choose, and create powerful virtual PCs tailored to their needs. Complemented by a dedicated app, Tótem is an access gateway, enabling users to log into their cloud desktops from any device, providing flexibility and power on demand.


  • Unified Marketplace: A consolidated platform bringing together global cloud PC providers, offering users a wide range of choices in terms of power and price.
  • Instant Access: Users can swiftly create or log into their virtual PCs, ensuring their work or play is never interrupted.
  • Device Agnostic: Tótem's platform ensures users can access their cloud PCs from any device, whether a decade-old laptop or the latest smartphone.
  • Latency Minimized: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we've optimized the user experience to be as smooth as possible, with minimal lag or delay.

Outcome: With a presence in over ten countries, Tótem has filled a niche and carved a unique space in the tech world. The blend of cutting-edge cloud computing and an intuitive user experience positions Tótem as a leader in its domain, pioneering a new era of computational accessibility.