Tarín Contreras Comunicación

About & Portfolio > Tarín Contreras Comunicación Client Tarín Contreras Comunicación Category Web Design, UI/UX Date May 2019 About this project Tarín Contreras Comunicación is one of the most experienced and reputable communication consultancy groups and media agencies in northern Mexico. Its 30+ year trajectory has had the trust of more than 300 clients worldwide. […]

TCUX Innovation

About & Portfolio > TCUX Innovation Client TCUX Category Web Design, UI/UX Date August 2018 About this project TCUX is an innovation intervention consultancy firm in Monterrey, Mexico This was a joint project with TCUX and

Mercurio Consultores

About & Portfolio > Mercurio Consultores Client Mercurio Consultores Category Web Design Date August 2017 About this project Mercurio is a political and corporate consulting group in Mexico. This is a very elegant website, with minimal design artifacts and decorations.Being simple and easy to navigate, it incorporates a linear-reading design methodology, pneumonic single-link pages and […]


About & Portfolio > Literálika Client Literálika Category Web Design Date June 2017 About this project Literálika is a local publishing house and literary cultural center in Monterrey, Mexico. For this webpage, my client needed a low-maintenance site where they could showcase their work and receive payments for several of their services. This website also […]


About & Portfolio > MORL Client MORL Category Web Design Date June 2016 About this project MORL is an air conditioning maintenance and sales provider in Mexico. This website was built using a WordPress backend and Page Builder for easy self-maintenance.  

HackMTY 2016 (Spring)

About & Portfolio > HackMTY 2016 (Spring) Client ACM MTY Tecnológico de Monterrey Category Branding Web Design School Projects Date February 2016 HackMTY 2016 (Spring) was the second iteration of HackMTY. This year brought a shift of personality, while maintaining the familiarity of the already-positioned branding. New, vivid, and colorful promotional materials helped us increase […]

Casona Colibríes

About & Portfolio > La Casona de los Colibríes Client La Casona de los Colibríes Category Web Design Date May 2015 About this project La Casona de los Colibríes is a hotel at the exclusive Balvanera Polo & Country Club in Querétaro, Mexico. This is a beautiful one-page, responsive website inviting you to the calming […]