Process Innovation and Prototype Design (Tec de Monterrey)


School Project, UI/UX, Hardware, Software, Prototype


May 2017

About this project

PlaySave is an electronic toy set and mobile game prototype designed to teach children ages 8-14 how to save and invest money.

The main device is a piggy bank that would supposedly count the amount of money a player had saved. Each time the player dropped a real coin, a virtual coin would be generated on the app, which could be spent on games, saved, or invested. Additional modules like a bank or an office could add extra functionality for games and activities related to each of the add-in modules.

I designed a user interface for a mobile app that would communicate via Bluetooth with multiple smart boards, which, when coupled, extend the game's capabilities.

My colleagues designed, 3D-printed, and manufactured several boards, while I developed the coupling and communication functionality between the boards using a series of Arduinos.