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Human-Computer Interaction: Physical Interfaces (Tecnológico de Monterrey)


School Projects, Hardware, Prototype


December 2018


  • Antonio Tarin Contreras
    Team Leader, Hardware Design, and Lead Programmer
  • Andrea Gonzalez Arteaga
    Industrial Design and Chassis Manufacturing
  • Armando Aguiar Alamilla

About this project

TinkerSynth is a DIY synthesizer made with Arduino that we designed and built for our Physical Interfaces course at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

I planned and designed a schematic diagram using an Arduino, piezo speaker, LED lights, and buttons.

Later, my colleagues designed and manufactured the device case using MDF boards and laser cutting.

I then assembled the components and programmed the Arduino to recognize and play a note through the speaker for each of the 7 buttons used for the keyboard. I later implemented an additional component on top of the keyboard with two buttons and three LEDs to change and indicate the octave.