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May 2018

About this project

La máquina surrealista: The Dream Machine is an interactive, surrealist art generator

This was my final project for the course Aesthetics of digital and interactive media at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

I wanted to approach the Deep Dreaming concept as a subconscious digital process, analogical to those of humans. Both systems use abstractions from perceptions, insights and knowledge from an unconscious "mind" to recreate altered visuals, which, although seemingly random, are always justified by said abstract thoughts, during said dream.

The Dream Machine Experience consists of a Python application that creates Deep Dream art by stitching pre-loaded images from Zip Disks (diskettes) into a custom collage, which then runs through the DeepAI Deep Dream API to create beautiful psychedelic compositions, inspired by influential art movements.

The full essay, along with sources and citations is available here (PDF, in Spanish).

Concept & Design by Antonio Tarín C.
Programming & Implementation by Axel Suárez